Venue Layout: An Important Factor Influencing Acoustics

Indoor event

Acoustics can make or break your event, but do you know what makes or breaks acoustics? Space layout. The way things are arranged inside the venue significantly affects the way sound travels and how your attendees perceive it.

So the next time you hire a corporate event production company, suggests you consider these layout attributes:

Seating Layout

The seating arrangement determines how people will be spread all over the place. Since audiences absorb a significant amount of the sound, how large they are and how they are scattered all over the place is important in determining the effectiveness of acoustics.

The Venue’s Width

The sound quality is greatly affected by the width of the place. How the people hear the performers and get a feeling of their proximity is significantly affected by the span of the hall.

Your audiences should hear the speaker or the performer of the event as if they are close to each other. It means that the ceiling of the venue should reverberate the sound correctly.

Lateral Sound Reflection

To get that surround effect, the audience should hear the sound from the sides so that they would feel enveloped by it. If the hall is too narrow, it will greatly affect the impression of how spacious the sound is.

If it’s too wide on the other hand, it can weaken the quality of the sound which is easily remedied by the power of the sound system.

Consider the projected size of your audience when choosing the venue because the more persons you have, the more sound energy you need. If the place is too large for your audiences, you could end up spending too much sound energy.

On the other hand, if the place is too small, you might also have audiences complaining about crowding. You need to balance all these factors when deciding on space for your next event.