Ways to Deal With Binge Eating Disorder Improperly

Eating Disorder Treatment

Binge eating disorder may have been around for decades – affecting countless individuals in the process – but the science community has only officially recognized it recently. In turn, most of the general public is unaware of how to properly deal with it.

If you suffer from it, you ought to seek proper binge eating disorder help, and not do the following:

Focusing Chiefly on Weight Loss

Make no mistake, dieting under the guidance of a nutritionist can help you, but treating this highly complex condition goes beyond weight loss. When you try to alleviate your illness using a weighing scale can only make you obsessed with numbers.

And when you do, you would only feel defeated and frustrated if you fail to achieve your goals. Rather than burning the calories that you gain because of your binge eating behavior, it’s imperative to develop skills for mindful eating.

You also need to address the emotional issues that may contribute to it. Psychotherapy can also help nurture positive thoughts and habits.

Purging Extra Calories

Like bulimics, sufferers of this disorder may resort to purging to get rid of excess calories after bouts of binge eating. Other than being ineffective as a treatment, it’s dangerous in itself. Vomiting what was eaten can result in electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, and damage to the teeth.

If you practice this, you have to stop because it would do you all harm, and no good.

Using Sheer Willpower

You can’t just fight the urge to binge-eat with your willpower whenever an episode of the disorder strikes, and think that you’d win. This condition causes you to lose your control over what and how much food you consume. In a manner of speaking, as you eat food, the food eats you.

Beating binge eating disorder starts with you, but there’s no switch you can easily flip to keep its episodes from recurring.

If you, or anyone you know, suffer from this condition, consult a medical professional immediately. Considering that it can cause serious health problems, you have to get proper treatment soon to reclaim yourself from this monster successfully.