What’s New With Ceiling Fans Today?

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling FansMost homes today no longer have ceiling fans. Many people replace their ceiling fans because they are huge, clunky, and noisy. They are usually hard to control, as you have to reach and pull a string to turn it on/off or change its speed. Also, the standard ceiling fans have dull-looking blades made from wood or plastic. But ceiling fans are not bound to go obsolete. In fact, modern ceiling fans have an outstanding look and better function that could dominate the fan industry today.

Here are some of the most innovative ceiling fan designs:

1. Aeratron Fans

AeratronFans.com combines innovation with technology. Instead of the usual AC (alternating current) power, Aeratron fans operate on DC (direct current). Hence, these ceiling fans use less power than the standard ceiling fans. They also have stylish blades and an incredibly silent motor – an exact opposite of the old ceiling fans.

2. Atlas Acqua Fans

The ceiling fans of Atlas Acqua have an industrial-modern look perfect for a bachelor’s pad. They consist of two small motors with an individual set of blades. Because of these two motors, Atlas Acqua ceiling fans have efficient air circulation. They are ideal for a room with a high ceiling.

3. Vento Sole Ceiling Fans

When they are not being used, Vento Sole ceiling fans retract into a spiral design. Once you turn these fans on, their blades quickly spread out. With their cool designs, Vento Sole ceiling fans would definitely catch your attention.

4. Sycamore Fans

Inspired by the look and motion of a falling seedpod, Sycamore ceiling fans have a single blade. The design of these fans is not only functional, but it also produces airflow with less noise. Sycamore fans blend well with any modern-style interior.

The designers proved that they could give a new life to the outdated look of standard ceiling fans. Due to these modern designs, ceiling fans are likely to return to American homes.