What’s Wrong with the Thermostat? What You’re Doing Wrong

If you want to keep your New Zealand home warm and cosy especially during the winter months on the South Island, you need to turn up your central heating. But you don’t want it to break down or malfunction, so to keep your central heating system in top condition, you should check for the following things that could affect its performance and durability.

Sealing Leaks

A leaky window can affect how fast, and consistent the heater works to warm an entire room or house. This also goes for your doors and ductwork. Check every window and door that leads outside and make sure they are all properly locked and sealed before turning on the heaters to avoid the warm air to leak out.

Turning up the Heater Quickly

If your heaters have been turned off for some time that your house’s temperature has dropped significantly, you shouldn’t turn the heater up to increase the temperature immediately.

This can cause the system to work inefficiently and lead to higher bills for energy. The best way to do this is by gradually increasing the heat so the system can work properly.

Obstructed Windows

Keep the curtains open whenever possible, allowing the sunlight to come through and naturally warm the room. It’s also important to keep the windows clean, as dirty, dusty windows won’t allow as much light inside the place. The sun’s rays can prevent your home’s temperature from dropping too low.

Regular Maintenance

Though it might seem like an obvious mistake to put off the maintenance of your central heating system, some home-owners might be too busy to remember or might not even know when to do it. If you moved to a new place, make sure to ask the agent when was the last time an inspector checked the heater.

You could also call a professional HVAC maintenance service, so they could check your heating system and fix whatever needs to be repaired.

Avoid these common central heating mistakes and keep your home or office comfortably warm even in the cold winter months!