Why Australian Schools Should Improve Resources Ahead Of Higher Demand

Young students having training course in classroom

School library furniture and other facilities in Australia would become more necessary, as the country will be the second most popular destination among international students worldwide by 2019, according to a study.

The Centre for Global Higher Education’s research showed that the number of enrolled international students in Australia might have already surpassed the number in the U.K., which will fall to third place if the trend continues in the future.

Global Popularity

Simon Marginson, the study’s author, said that the foreign student population in Australia has grown by up to 14 per cent per year, as opposed to stagnating growth in the U.S. Brexit serves as a key reason for this. Around 11,000 more foreigners went to the European country for studies between 2011 and 2015, as opposed to nearly 32,000 in Australia.

The study based its findings from UNESCO data, which ranked the U.S. as the most popular destination. The country accommodated roughly 198,000 students during the four-year period. Marginson said that the U.K. is still slightly ahead of Australia, but that would change if more Chinese students plan to study in the latter country.

Growing Chinese Population

China could be the main reason for Australia’s growing foreign student population, as there were 14 per cent more people who applied for student visas in the second half of 2017. The number of granted visas also increased by 7 per cent during the same time.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, more than 166,000 Chinese students were enrolled in Australian schools. They comprised more than 40 per cent of the foreign student population. As the country moves up the global rankings, it’s likely that more foreigners will apply for Australian student visas.

Australian schools need to be prepared for the incoming surge of more foreign students. Preparations should range from marketing campaigns to as simple as adding more furniture.