Why Being a Paralegal Is Embarrassing (When It’s Actually Not)

Online Paralegal TrainingOne writer had plenty to say about paralegals but chose to describe the profession with one word: embarrassing.

The writer, who was an owner of a North Carolina law firm, claimed that the fast-paced nature of technology would result in the complete overhaul of the legal system. Since gadgets and “robots” would take over the paralegal profession, attorneys should re-consider their paralegals. The writer also considered it as an embarrassment for attorneys to still work with paralegals and for people to chose to be paralegals.

It was a dying profession anyway, the writer said. Your paralegal training certificate online is useless, he insisted. 

But that’s not always the case.

Technology Vs. The Paralegal

Times have definitely changed and technology is a big part of the shift. Almost every aspect of life already comes with a gadget or an app. This new shift in technology also reached the shores of legal jobs; as certain aspects of the job experience compromise, some of them do die out, replaced by new trends.

In some cases, the paralegal’s duties interweave with the secretary’s, which might explain why some people think it’s no longer THAT relevant.

But just because things change, doesn’t mean the paralegal profession will not follow through.

Changing Times = Changing Profession

Roles may change and tasks will evolve; the office might get better systems and software. But that doesn’t mean the job is totally gone. Rather than totally dissolve the paralegal profession, more practices change the requirements to better fit today’s technological pace.

It’s All about Learning New Things More Efficiently

Technology will not replace the profession; it will improve the craft. Paralegals of today and the future will benefit from faster systems, which encourage them to do more with less. Their roles will change according to the firm’s needs, operational trends, and technology’s evolution.

The rise of technology should not be the cause of embarrassment for the paralegal profession. In fact, it makes it even better.