Why Pregnant Women Should Prioritize Oral Health

Oral Health in Sioux FallsBeing pregnant is an exciting time, but it will also be filled with busy months because you have to prepare for your new baby. You have a lot of things to accomplish to ensure that your home is baby proof and your nursery is ready. At the same time, you have to be as healthy as possible so your baby will grow healthy too.

However, with everything that’s happening, most moms tend to forget their regular checkup at their family dentist in Sioux Falls. Just like every part of your body during pregnancy, your mouth also experiences changes that need supervision of your dentist.

Is it important to have your oral health checked during pregnancy?

Based on the survey done by the Delta Dental of Illinois’ 2016 Children’s Oral Health Survey, there are only 59 percent or three out of five moms who see their dentist during pregnancy. Experts say a routine consultation in the first trimester of the pregnancy is a crucial chance for a professional to inspect and clean your mouth. They determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed for your health and your baby’s.

Is it safe to get any dental work done during pregnancy?

People have probably advised you to just avoid any dental work, but many dental procedures today are safe and might even benefit you and your baby. The essential thing is to let your dentist know that you’re pregnant.

If your dental work requires anything beyond exam and routine cleaning, schedule it during the second trimester, particularly if you need to use local anesthetic. The time you spend for your oral health will save you from developing pregnancy gingivitis because of hormonal changes. Open up to your dentist if you’re worried about anything.