Why That Ugly Tree Stump Needs To Go

Tree Stump in TaruangaTree stumps are the bane of any lawn in any location. The problem is they can be difficult to remove from the ground, sometimes requiring professional service or a stump grinder hire. But in exchange for the inconvenience and potential hazards, the project is a worthy investment.

Some venture into do-it-yourself stump removal. There are several available options, some of which are ideal for grinding down small to medium-sized tree stumps. Tauranga Hire says a stump grinder can grind down to the roots to a level of about 250-mm below ground.

Whether through DIY or professional means, the stump has to go. If you’re having a hard time making this judgment call, these factors may help you decide:

Stumps aren’t the most appealing

Stumps can be an eyesore. If you’re particular about landscaping, getting rid of it completely makes perfect sense.

Stumps are a safety issue

Stumps are a hazard, posing the constant threat of people tripping over it. If a neighbour trips, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Stumps can regenerate

Leaving the stump behind can cause new sprouts to grow, which can result in small trees growing around it. Not only is this unsightly, smaller trees can also get nutrients from nearby plants. Your begonias may not get all the nutrients they need.

Stumps are an inconvenience

They are a pain to move or manoeuvre around, acting as an obstacle when mowing or weeding your lawn. Plus, they take up precious space that you could have used for a flowerbed or a picnic table.

Stumps attract insects

The decaying tree can take a while to rot away completely. As it does, the stump can attract ants, termites, beetles and other wood-boring pests. It becomes a problem when these insects start invading your home.

If the stump on your lawn is waiting for an overdue removal, it’s time to take action. The project will require you to part with some cash, but you will soon find the benefits are well worth it.