Why Winter Is the Best Season Ever

SkiIt's the season for cuddling, taking a leave from work, and hibernating. Yes, it's winter! If you think this season couldn't get any better, here are 5 things that would make you doubt that.

1. There are more holiday breaks during winter.

Snow days couldn't happen if there's no snow, right? Also, what other time will it be perfectly normal to go on a group skiing holiday? And Christmas season sits well within winter, too. All these make this season the best time to be with the ones you love.

2. Winter brings out the stylish people.

Boots, jackets, coats, and hats all of different shapes and sizes make for a fashionable season. Don't forget about knitwear, too. There's no better time to flaunt your wardrobe than winter when you can pile on everything and no one would care.

3. Winter food is amazing.

Bonfires and barbecues! Bonfires by the beach during summer are amazing, but bonfires during winter are great, too. Imagine yourself, your friends, and kin all huddled around the warmth of a bonfire, enjoying barbecue and stories. Doesn't that make you sigh with good memories?

4. Liquor season.

Speaking of bonfires, be sure to keep your alcohol within a safe distance from the fire. It is, after all, the best time to enjoy malt whisky, Irish cream, vodka, and brandy. These liquors are extra delicious during cold months, so they're best consumed during winter when you absolutely need them.

5. Warm baths are made better.

There's no other season to better enjoy a soak in the tub other than winter. The dizzying cold will make you long for warmth so that once you're in a hot tub, it's perfectly alright to lose your mind and call it the best feeling in the world. The best part about this? If you're lazy, this could be your sole bath in a few days.

There’s no denying that winter’s special in many ways; and as the years pass, you’ll surely find other good reasons why it’s the most awesome season.