Why You Should Consider Using User Generated Content for Your SEO Campaign

 SEO Campaign in MelbourneRather than solely focusing on creating content, you should also create opportunities to create content — encouraging experiences and Instagrammable moments. Likewise, rather than simply broadcasting, you must create prime opportunities for user engagement. That’s what UGC or user generated content is all about. Your target audience will control their own digital stories, and it’s your job as a subtle and behind-the-scenes navigator to guide them. And while the term ‘content is king’ is somewhat of an industry cliché, as all clichés go, it’s certainly true.

What Exactly is User Generated Content?

User-generated content isn’t exactly a new concept in the online marketing landscape. However, it’s been increasingly booming, mainly due to the phenomenal rise of social media as well as other community-based sites that are typically run by users or members themselves. Put simply, user generated content is any content such as articles, photos, audios and videos that users create or generate, explains an SEO specialist from Livelong Digital.

Based on a study by CrowdTap, individuals between 18 and 67 years old, the millennials, typically spend more than 5 hours a day consuming or looking at content that their peers created and 71% of them socialise in their social media accounts every day. That’s the power of user generated content. Some of the more popular sites they rely on to get their fix of user-generated content include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, Wikipedia, Lonely Planet, Flickr and forums.

What Does User Generated Content Have to Do with SEO?

Search engines love unique content. However, some webmasters or SEO managers could sometimes find it hard to satisfy that need. Using user-generated content is an effortless way to generate unique content, which in turn makes your site more appealing to search engines and users. Aside from helping your SEO efforts, having user generated content on your site will help you engage your target audience better and consequently create online success and brand loyalty.