You are Not Alone: Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Loss in Sterling HeightsAre you currently losing sleep because of your receding hairline? Male pattern baldness (MPB) or androgenetic alopecia typically starts with hair loss at the temples. Some men notice thinning at the crown and from there the hair loss follows the shape of the letter “M” as seen from the top of the head.

Who is at risk of MPB?

If you are still quite young and already noticing a receding hairline, then you should not wonder why your father and uncles on your mother’s side have thinning hair or bald heads. According to an expert from Michigan Hair Restoration, genetics plays a huge role in male pattern baldness, which accounts for as much as 95 percent of the loss of hair in American men. In about a quarter of men who have MPB, their hairline starts receding by the time they come of age at 21.

Exercising good judgment in hair loss solutions

These days, men who are actively looking for an effective solution to hair loss have to exercise good judgment. For some men hair transplant is favorable. However, whether this method is successful or not depends on numerous factors.

Today, there are too many products you can order online, and too many “new and effective” approaches that offer thicker hair in a just a couple of weeks or so. While consumers benefit from having a wide array of products available in general, some of the proposed solutions prey on the desperate and the vulnerable. Before you spend a few hundred dollars on a bottle of magic potion, check whether it is FDA-approved and if the feedback you read is from real, living people who have used the formula and benefited from it.

Loss of hair, especially at an early age can be devastating. Some men may dismiss hair loss and say they think nothing of it. In truth, men who are in this situation are keen on remedying the situation if they can. Be wise in choosing the products and methods you will patronize.