Your Guide to Organising a Successful Food Fest

People enjoying festival

It’s no doubt a food festival is a fun-filled event, but organising one can be a total challenge. But you do not have to fret as there are easy ways to set up a successful food fest.

Food festivals are such fun-filled and memorable events that bring awesome food to the community. However, it’s undeniable that organising one can be a total challenge. Here are things you could do to make your food fest unforgettable.

Plan ahead

If you are targeting to hold the festival in a certain season, special occasion or the weekend, the perfect time to plan for it is 2 to 3 months ahead of the scheduled date.

Aside from planning the basics, consider if you want to hold performances and special presentations during the festival. Make sure to plan for your stage and where you intend to place your audio and lighting equipment. It would be much easier to hire stage service providers. A stage hire company can set audio and lighting up for you before and after your special event.

Secure necessary permits and licences

Secure the necessary permits and licences. These licences are usually obtained from both the local council and the owner of the place where you will hold the event. Securing permits and licences is necessary to make sure you that you are not breaking local ordinances and environmental regulations.

Divide the labour

Being an organiser means you are playing many roles at the same time, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Figure out who the event professionals in your area and divide the labour amongst them. These people will be of best help to you during the event.

Look for people who could act as managers to help you promote the event, find sponsors for the event, take care of the on-site operations, make sure the food and drinks at the festival are of the best quality.

Promote the event to sellers, food producers and the general public.
The most important step of all is to invite people to the event. You need to do an early promotion to non-food sellers, food producers and festival goers. You can promote the event on many platforms like social media, local newspapers and radio stations.

As you promote the event, make sure you are effective in letting them know how the food fest can help their businesses. Let the general public know what they can expect from the event and why they should go.