You’ve Bought a Home, Now What?

Tired Newly HomeownersA new home to call your own is always a good thing — moving is another thing altogether. You got so preoccupied during the home purchase, from the property search to the mortgage application, that you neglected the monstrous task of moving houses. Without sufficient preparation, you are bound to experience stress much greater than experiencing a relationship gone awry.

The Most Stressful Event

Moving houses, according to a study, is the most stressful event for most people. Six in 10 people rated moving more nerve-racking than breakups or divorce and even starting a new job. A big problem for many movers was redirecting mail to their new address. The next source of anxiety was lifting and moving boxes. A small percentage listed assembling furniture correctly as the most stressful part of the move.

In addition to such issues, losing valuables and item breakage can also aggravate the stress of moving. Fortunately, you can keep these problems out of your big move. All you need is a proper plan to execute.

Before and During

Your plan begins even before you move. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. recommends planning four weeks ahead of your schedule, which gives you enough time to contact insurance companies and schools about transferring policies and records. Arrange a service with a reliable moving company right around this time, too.

Three weeks before the move, request a change of address from the post office and work out a cutoff date for your utilities. A week prior, arrange the packing. Label each box according to the room they’ll go into, and add a list of the contents to prevent confusion when unpacking in your new home.

On moving day, prepare snacks. People get hungry, and then get cranky, during a big move. Whether it’s for the movers or your family, good food and drinks will move things along without tempers flaring.

It’s a good move to a buy a home. But don’t dampen this big decision with a stressful move. Prepare in advance. Keep packing and unpacking pain-free. And lighten the burden with delicious food during the big day.